Philippe Artias Museum

Philippe Artias (1912-2002) was a French artist with a strong link to Italy where he spent the last thirty years of his life. Artias produced a vast and prolific artistic corpus, part of which is preserved in the private museum in Sacramora 12 dedicated to him.

Hospitality blends with art
for a unique and immersive experience.

The artist’s painting is characterised by his innovative use of colour and dynamic, emotive compositions that capture the observer imagination. The link with Faenza was born through ceramic, an interest the artist cultivated after the wolrd war II when Artias became part of a group of young artists in Vallauris, who socialized with Picasso. The friendship between the architects Rita Rava and Claudio Piersanti and the artist’s partner Lydia Artias inspired the creation of the Museum. This initiative created not only an exhibition space but also a place where creativity and hospitality are harmonically blended. The museum thus integrates the experience of living and spending time in the five design apartments of the village allowing a full immersion in the universe of the artist. The relationship between the works of Artias and the spaces of Sacramora 12 is an example of how art can enhance not only physical space but also the personal experiences of those who live it.

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