The internationally famous Venice only 170 km away from the Sacramora 12 village can be reached in about two hours, there is also a comfortable train to Venice leaving from Faenza railway station. The city is renowned for its canals, sumptuous palaces and a well nourished agenda of cultural events.  Built on an archipelago of 118 islands, the city is well known for its Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architecture.

Canal Grande
The vast canal that passes through the whole historical centre of Venice dividing it into two parts. Canal Grande is less than 4 km long and constitutes the main axe of communication of Venice.

Piazza and Basilica of San Marco
This aristocratic piazza by the lagoon is by definition the city lounge. Here are held the most important events of the Carnival as well as other not-to-be-missed events. Face the square are the two monuments that are the symbol of the city: the Basilica of Saint Mark, a monumental church with Byzantine charm which is not to miss and the Bell Tower, the highest building in Venice.

The Ducal Palace and the Bridge of Sighs
The Ducal Palace used to be the sumptuous headquarters of the Serenissima Republic and is one of the foremost examples of Venetian Gothic style. Not far from the Ducal Palace is the famous Bridge of Sighs, a covered bridge that used to connect the Doge’s Palace and the prisons of the Serenissima Republic.

Venice hosts remarkable artistic events such as the Carnival and the Biennial Art Exhibition which make it a unique tourist location.