Romagna Riviera

The Romagna Riviera is famous for being one of most popular tourist seaside resort in Italy. Its sand beaches, the waters of the Adriatic sea, the sunny climate and the lively environment attract visitors from all over the world. Besides the beaches, the Romagna Riviera is also known for its rich and lively life: trendy discos, bars restaurants and shops all present all along the coast.

Cities such as Rimini, Riccione, Cattolica, Cesenatico and Milano Marittima are some of the most famous tourist destinations. Cesenatico is renowned for its characteristic canal port designed by Leonardo da Vinci and for its cozy beaches. Rimini on the other hand is well known for its wide entertainment offer spanning from beaches to discoteques in addition to some historical sites such as the Arch of Augustus and the Malatestian Temple which reveal its rich Roman and renaissance heritage. Rimini is also known as the birthplace of the famous film director Federico Fellini; a museum hub spread in three locations (Castel Sismondo, Palazzo del Fulgor and Piazza Malatesta) was created in his honour in 2021.