Bologna is a city rich in history, culture and gastronomy and only 50 km from Sacramora 12, easy to reach by car or by train. It was known as “The Savant” due to its ancient university but also as “The Opulent” due to its famous cooking and as “The Red” due to its terracotta buildings. Bologna boosts a lively student city atmosphere and a very well preserved historical centre with imposing medieval towers and wonderful piazzas (or squares) such as Piazza Maggiore and Piazza del Nettuno.

Its porticoes extend for over 50 kilometers, offer shelter from the sun and the rain and represent an iconic city landmark since they cover the most extended area in the world. The portico is the architectural emblem of Bologna’s hospitality and convivial spirit: a space both public and private where one can appreciate better than in any other place the essence of good living. From Piazza Malpighi along the streets of Nosadella and Saragozza one can reach the most extraordinary of Bologna’s porticoes: the portico leading to the Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin of Saint Luca. The portico of Saint Luca built from 1674 extends for over 3800 metres and is composed by 666 arches. It is the longest portico in the world. It is a wonderful path rich in history and breath taking landscapes. The lovers of modernist architecture can find in the Museum of Modern Art of Bologna (MAMbo) a meaningful collection of contemporary and modern art. Bologna is also famous for its excellent cuisine with traditional dishes such as fresh pasta, tortellini and mortadella. The city also hosts important cultural events, art exhibitions and international fairs which make them a very charming destination for visitors from all over the world.